CDN Application



{CDN}/app/dir/delete/ Delete a directory
{CDN}/app/dir/new/ Create new directory
{CDN}/app/dir/rename/ Rename a directory


{CDN}/app/file/delete/ Delete a file from the server
{CDN}/app/file/exists/ Does this file exist on the server?
{CDN}/app/file/information/ Get information about this file: filename, file size, file extension, shows up in Essential files, shows up in lessons or CRs
{CDN}/app/file/rename/ Rename a file
{CDN}/app/file/upload/ Upload a new file into a directory


{CDN}/app/list/recursedirectory/ List from current directory, recursed down
{CDN}/app/list/thisdirectory/ Only a list of files and folders in current directory

GET and POST Descriptors

folders Path within the CDN, separated by "+".
file File path, with extension
filename File path, without extension
ext File extension
browseimage Flag for browsing images
returnnav Flag to return the navigation paths to current directory